Paul Taylor, host of the PASS ACLS PodcastMy name is Paul and I’m here to help you pass ACLS. With over 20 years experience as an ACLS instructor, I’ve helped hundreds of medical professionals learn the skills needed to provide emergency care to patients experiencing a stroke, heart attack, or cardiac arrest.

Whether you’re a student getting ready to begin clinical rotations or a seasoned professional, preparing for ACLS is stressful. The Pass ACLS podcast is comprised of short audio files that can be played on a variety of apps on your mobile device or streamed on your computer. The information provided will supplement your pre-class textbook reading and instructional videos. Unlike reading and watching videos, you can safely listen to a podcast while driving.

In each episode I will cover the key knowledge needed to be successful in ACLS as well as provide additional resources and tips that can be implemented in your workplace.

The information provided on Pass ACLS is meant to aid medical professionals taking an ACLS class and is not intended as medical advice for patients. This podcast is a supplement to your textbook and instructional videos, not a replacement. Medical professionals should follow their local laws, protocols, SOPs, and institutional guidelines.  The views and opinions expressed are my own and don’t necessarily represent those of my employer, past employers, the American Heart Association (AHA), or the American Red Cross (ARC).  While the information provided on the podcast will help you pass an ACLS class, specific exam questions & scenarios used will not be provided. 

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